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carnival calls the incidents minor issues. >> now to berkeley where police are searching for a gunman who shot two people at a night club. it happened during an armed rob rhythm here's the details. reporter: employees here are badly shaken by last night's armed robbery and shooting. larry chin she executive direct was was shot, and another employee was shot in the arm. we talked to another employee who says she is lucky to be alive because she was standing right next to mr. shin. >> last night two armed men entered the nightclub, which is celebrating its 40th 40th anniversary. minutes later they began shooting. here's a recount of what hand after the first shot. >> i hear two times, and then when i hear two times, member scream, say, gun, somebody killing.
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so i looked around to see my boss, what should we do? my boss just lying down there bleeding. >> her boss was shot the a neck and another employee were hit in the arm. she said they were counting the night's receipts when the robbers opened fire. the two map grabbed the cash box and rein out. the police had already been called bought of some counter fit bills and they core donned off the area and one suspect was arrested. >> we were able to locate a suspect behind a building, a business. reporter: now, employees tell us that some of the money was recovered and as well as two weapons. the two wounded employees have been hospitalized with nonthrive threatening wounds. now, the nightclub is celebrating its 40th 40th anniversary, and police are asking that anyone with information before the the shooting to give them a call. >> carolyn: overnight, an
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officer-involved shooting following a pursuit in american canyon has left one man dad. the suspect refused to shop. the chase came to an end just north of american canyon high school. the man was driving that white pickup truck. authorities have yet to say why they tried to stop the drive or why he took off. this happened just after 10:00 last night. the identity of the man has yet to be released. >> today marks one year since the disappearance of sierra lamar. as news reporter cara clapper shows us, the morgan hill community came together for a special tribute. >> really good today. the most important person in my life is missing. >> she has been living a bad dream, she says, ever since her little sister, sierra, vanished on her way to catch the school bus a year ago it to. and she is not alone. claressa pew can't stop thinking about the day when she texted sear a before school but never heard back.
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>> at school, walking around, thinking about her, and -- i think about her every day. >> every saturday, about 40 volunteers continue searching for the missing teen who would be 16 now. today, hundreds of family members, friends, and neighbors, gathered to pay a special tribute on this heartbreaking anniversary. not letting go of hope that sierra will be found. >> very hard. we think about her all the time. we live out in the country, too, and it's very difficult. we checked our property constantly. it's a horrible thing. i don't know how that mom does it. >> through the sorrow of 3 5 days without her daughter, her mom remains steadfast, maintaining focus, resolving not to stop until her daughter is found. >> i'd like to also remind the
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public that we still have the $35,000 reward and hopefully that will encourage tips to come forward, to give us some of the answers we're looking for during this long waiting period. reporter: after today search groups will continue to meet here every saturday at 8:00 a.m. they do need more volunteers to help in the search in the meantime, the 21-year-old who is charged with kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar will enter a me to the charges april 4th. le. >> carolyn: a fire at a commercial building in sunnyvale caused some major damage today. smoke and flames gap -- began coming out of the building. firefighters had to break down doors to get interim it took an hour to put the fire out.
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another successful gun buyback today in the bay area. the fremont police department collected 343 weapons from the tri-city area, which includes newark and union city. $50,000, $300 were donated -- those were donated funds that were distributed to those who turned their weapons in. >> still to come, we're learning more before the the bizarre carjacking in san francisco. and what police now know about the suspect. >> a newark about hack -- a new warning about hackers. >> and everybody is a little bit irish today. san francisco's big st.~patrick's day parade just ahead. >> irish will be smiling tomorrow as well as the forecast looks terrific. get ready for big weather changes next week. we'll have the
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>> carolyn: police have released the name of map accused of stealing a taxi yesterday and ramming it into a police car. peter russell was arrested on suspicion of carjacking and assault against a police officer. police say russell jumped on to the hood of the taxicab, shattering its wished. when the driver jumped out, he
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jumped in and drove away. when police tried to intervene, russell rammed the police car. protesters vietnamizeed banks on franklin avenue last night, and shattered a large window at the transcribe bound -- tribune tower. >> san jose police are still looking for one suspect in a violent purse snatching. police are looking for january 000 rios, his sister was arrested on thursday. police say joseette punched and kicked the victim after she got off the light rail frame. both suspects then ripped the purse from the victim and ran away. >> new concerns about contaminated soil at moffet field. >> celebrating the irish around the bay. the big parade and the parties coming up. and a change in the weather ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with your accuweather
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forecast. >> mike: the world baseball classic down to the final four. and college football, winding down spring practice around the nation, including
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>> carolyn: new concerns tonight about cyber hackers. california utility officials are warning that hackers are targeting utilities and that could cause major outages. the california public utilities commission warns that smart meter and other computerized gear can be easily hacked. the agency is now considering new rules to bolster protections. the epa has ordered nasa to clean up moffet field. the epa says nasa needs to take immediate long-term action to clean up the contaminated soil. the state and the epa will monitor that cleanup. >> in san francisco today, a 162nd annual st.~patrick's day
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parade marched to the civic center. ♪ >> carolyn: flouts and bagpipes, community groups, soccer teams, walked proudly through the civic center. it was time for the wearing of the green, on a day when everyone is irish, especially someone from ireland. >> ireland is 6,000 miles away, and he is a little irish-american, so it's nice to come out here, see everybody celebrating, and also just knowing that irish culture and the people get celebrated worldwide. >> the official separation st.~patrick's day is tomorrow and because some people celebrate much the police will be out in force this weekend on dui patrol. check points begin tonight and run until 3:00 in the morning.
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authorities are urging people to plan a safe way home, and designate a sober driver while leaving your keys at home. they're talking to you, leigh glaser. >> leigh: my goodness. i know! i'm walking home. terrific day for a parade today, and even better day tomorrow, and the reason why is the high pressure will give us a couple more dry days and the rain returns next week. the live doppler 7hd showing you no returns right now so a dry sky, and look our herous it is. this is from the high definition tamalpais camera looking towards the city and also a few high clouds as the sun is getting ready to set. santa rosa, here's the hides for today -- highs for today. 77. oakland, 67. 77 in concord. santa cruz, 72. another shot over the bay.
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san francisco, 68. the embarcadero, seeing a lot of activity this hour. santa rosa, 9. we had 70 in fairfield. ayre werd, 60, and loss georgia -- los gatos, 69. we'll continue to see high clouds overnight. look for a voigtly cooler day tomorrow. slightly. maybe a degree or two. we still have plenty of sunshine and then get ready for big changes. rain returns tuesday night and wednesday. you can see some of the high clouds that continue to venture across the bay area. now, they'll increase over the evening so overnight, 40s across the bay, the high clouds inlating us. 41, santa rosa, and livermore valley, temperatures in the mid-to-low 40s by tomorrow morning. here is the setup. and actually this high has been
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with us for at least the past five to seven days. not a lot of change tomorrow. it will continue to push on towards the expees will keep the storm clouds to the west, for at least two more days. so expect some sunshine tomorrow. filtered high clouds. temperatures will continue to be quite mild. much like today. a degree or two below that, and then once the high weakens tuesday morning, that will allow a cold front to sneak in here, to bring us thickening clouds, rain returning to the bay area tuesday night, lingering through wednesday. 71, san jose. upper 50s near the coast. 68, menlo park. san francisco tomorrow, 65 degrees. you'll notice late in the day the high clouds moving inland. north bay, 74. san rafael, 70. vallejo, 70. 68 for oakland. hay werd, 66. and a look in the east way
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valley areas, pleasanton, 70. and concord, warming to 73 degrees. so here's a look at the accuweather sevenday from. st.~patrick's day sunny, breezy on the coast, and thickening clouds monday night, rain returns late tuesday. rain in the morning wednesday, showers in the afternoon and we'll dry things up next weekend. we have a great weather resource, follow@live doppler 7hd on twitter, and get video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power outage information and weather treats -- tweets from your favorite weather team. >> carolyn: shu was talking about the happenings at at&t park. >> mike: we're down to the final four in the world baseball classic after puerto rico
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knocked out team usa as night. in the dominican republic and puerto rico had to play for seeding. giants outfielder angel pagan giving a pep talk before the game. the dominican republic were the ones focused. dr on top 1-0. dominicans pad their leed in the eight. pena, to right. they take a 2-0 lead, and francisco rodney slams the door shut, and dr beats puerto rico, the only undefeated team in the baseball classic with a 6-0 record. show to miles at at&t have puerto rico facing japan tomorrow at 6:00. netherlandss play the dominican monday 6 and the final is tuesday at 5:00. >> the netherlands' practice today at at&t park. their skipper is giants hitting coach. so may have an advantage here
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with helpedly in the dugout. >> move over to cactus league. as and angels. three-run shot and we're tied at three. then after backup catcher gets this two-run homer, cespedes gets in on the action. this one went down to the wire. bottom ninth. tied at 13. but the a's lipkin grounds into a double-play with a runner in scoring position, ending the game in a tie. a's lost in a split squad game. and giants in split squad game losing to cincinnati. >> tomorrow, cal and st. mary's men on the bubble. st. mary's lost to gonzaga in the wcc finals and cal was upset by utah in the pac-12 tournament. two teams punched their tigz
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tickets today. albany with the lead with 90 seconds left. then vermont's blue, the hoop and the foul. he missed the free-throw. al been any up two. time winding down. vermont couldn't get anything to drop and albany wins 53-49. only their third trip to the ncaa tournament in school hoyt. >> the niners find a replacement for deshawn gold smig -- goldsmith as they sign craig dahl. in berkeley, new cal football coach trying to get his bears up to speed with the new run and gun offense. stills does not have a number oe quarterback but that what spring training is about. coach dykes gave us criteria in a quarterback. >> choose the best quarterback and then build the offense around them, their skillset.
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being able to the football is definitely a factor. >> everyone is going all out. it's really hard to tell. so, everyone is doing a great job. so go out there and do your thing and not worry about the competition. >> mike: another brand of football. earthquakesearthquakes and colue to a tie this afternoon. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> carolyn: going green for st.~patrick's da
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>> carolyn: join me tonight at 9:00. the president has a new way to fund u.s. energy development without costing taxpayers a dime. we'll hear how it would work. at 11:00 here on abc7, another concert cancelled as the san francisco symphony strike continues. tonight what the strike means for fans and businesses in the area. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. chicago is going green this st.~patrick's day weekend. crowds braved the chilly weather to watch the dieing of the chicago river today, all part of the leadup to tomorrow's big st.~patrick's day parade in the windy city.
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you can see the trails of lime green dye in the wake of boats. organizers say it's all environmentally friendly. i hope so. that does it for abc7 at 6:00. i'm carolyn tyler in for ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thanks for joining us. >> the following
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